The StateWatch Team

Matthew Mirro - Legislative Coordinator / Capitol Reporter / History Nerd

As the newest member of the StateWatch Team, Matthew catalogues and disseminates incoming New York State Government news and provides subscribers with the information they want and need. He also produces original stories, focusing mainly on Senate and Assembly committee meetings.

Before joining StateWatch, Matthew focused his attention on national and international politics. He is currently and constantly surprised by the goings-on of "Albany", but nonetheless enjoys navigating the ins-and-outs of state legislative functions. He is a self-described history nerd and political junkie and spends the bulk of his free time immersed in subjects most people fall asleep to; holiday conversations with friends and family provide ample evidence.

Matthew earned his B.A. in Journalism from the University at Albany, during which time he was an editor at the school's newspaper, the Albany Student Press. He wrote for a diverse set of publications since graduating high school, initially covering local sports stories before shifting focus to hard news and electoral politics.

Cell: 518.238.8720

Shane King - Operations Manager / Capitol Reporter / Chief Stresser

Shane began as an intern at StateWatch while working on his B.A. in English at the University at Albany. Shane has filled a number of different roles since joining StateWatch full-time in 2014, and is now an integral part of the Team's operations.

During his time at StateWatch, Shane has developed a sound understanding of the legislative process and has extensive experience navigating the budget, from the Governor's introduction, across the jagged line of negotiations, to a three-way agreement. In his current role, Shane runs StateWatch's internship program, covers Senate and Assembly committee meetings and hearings, as well as Assembly session, and generally keeps the office in good working order.

In his spare time, Shane resides and recreates at the northern end of Lake George.

Cell: 518.796.9167

Michael Poulopoulos - Director / Systems Guru / Capitol Reporter / Flak Jacket

Mike joined StateWatch in 2005 as an intern. It was the last strech of the Pataki Administration. Since that time, he's helped shepherd the company through seemingly endless session nights, the last-minute rush of covering 3-way negotiations, summer sessions, sudden shifts in legislative and executive leadership, as well as shape product enhancements that benefit both the StateWatch Team and subscribers.

And while he takes pride in his hard-won and thorough understanding of the legislative process and the personalized support he provides subscribers, the lesson he's most proud to showcase is that the company is nothing without a good team behind it.

If Mike's not sending Email Alert updates at 2 a.m., or praying to finally hear the phrase "Sine Die" immediately followed by a gavel, it's because he's stealing time to be in the woods, running errands, or trying to make his growing family laugh. You can find two diplomas hanging in his office: a B.A. in English from Providence College, and an M.A. in English from the College of St. Rose.

Cell: 518.301.3329

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