What programs does my computer need?

To download one of the programs, click on the icon above and answer the appropriate questions. You do not need Internet Explorer and FireFox and Safari - choose only one. All of these programs are free. Acrobat and Real Audio do have versions of their programs for a nominal charge, however, those versions are not required. It is recommended that you check at least once a year to make sure you are using the most current version since the technology is changing rapidly.

Printing Conference Report Analyses To print the conference report side-by-side analyses, click on the printer button in the Acrobat options bar, click on the Setup button and set your printer to Landscape. Then click on Shrink to Fit. Your printer will print the analysis sideways on a letter size page so you don't have to use legal size paper like the original.

Scroll bars up/down and top/bottom The screen resolution standard for several years has been 600x800. This is the minimum resolution supported by this site which is designed to use this standard to make it easy to show the triple screen with bill text, the add to tracking window and the personal remarks window all on the same screen without the scroll bars. Higher screen resolution is supported and will allow more information to appear.

If you have scroll bars on the bottom of your windows, set the resolution on your monitor. To do this:

(1) Minimize all open applications
(2) Do a right-mouse click anywhere on the screen desktop
(3) Click on Properties
(4) Click on Settings
(5) Under Desktop area, change the resolution to 800 by 600 or higher.
(6) Click on Apply
(7) If the screen looks fine (but smaller), save the new setting
(8) If you have problems, check with your tech person or call
your legislative service and ask for technical support.

Internet Explorer hangs when saving remarks This problem was introduced with Internet Explorer version 4.0 and is caused by an induced incompatibility to HTTP 1.1. To correct the problem:
(1) Select View category
(2) Select Internet Options...
(3) Select the Advanced tab
(4) Scroll down to HTTP 1.1 settings
(5) Deselect the HTTP 1.1 options
(6) Click Apply and the OK

Bills don't show underlines and strikeouts You are using a very old broswer. The old versions didn't support underline and strikeout.

You can download the most recent version of the browsers in the box above which will resolve the problem.

Capture a report to a word processor If you want to capture a bill, analysis, history or report and put it into a word processing document, click in the frame that has the information you want to capture, press CTRL and A at the same time, select the Copy item under the Edit header, open your word processor, select Edit and then select Paste. This will place all of the captured text directly into your word processing document.

Test for Audio/Video Capability Most browsers include the RealAudio Player required to hear and see the proceedings of the House and Senate. Your computer will also need to have a soundcard and speakers. If you are not sure if your computer is already configured to play Internet audio, you can click on the icon below to run an audio test.

Real Audio

If your computer does have a soundcard but your browser does not have the Real Audio raplayer plugin, you can download it from the Internet at:


Print a Bill Text Comparison The Bill Text Comparison Utility prints a true side-by-side analysis of different versions of the same bill, different bills and even bills from different sessions. To get your printer to show all of the text you will need to change the print orientation from Portrait to Landscape. To do this, when you select the print icon, click on Properties before you click on OK. Then click for Landscape orientation, OK in the Properties window and then OK in the Print window.

Now you will have a sideways printed side-by-side analysis of your bill comparison that includes all of the text.