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StateWatch Upgrades for 2019!

Committee Resource Page Improvement! We've added committee voting statistics specific to your individual tracks right on the Committee Resource page! You can now easily identify committee voting trends and statistics on your tracked legislation with just a few clicks.

NIGHTWriter Report Improvement! We've reformatted your NIGHTWriter Report to be easier to read on both the destktop and mobile platform! We've eliminated repetitive graphics, and condensed the report down to essential displays to make it easier to read and navigate.

Advanced Search Improvement #2! We've added the "Position" option to your add to track feature in Advanced Search results! Now it's even easier to find and add bills for your new/prospective clients, or pop-up issue areas.

Advanced Search Improvement! We've added an action to your Advanced Search Report Type, "Notice of Committee Committee Consideration Requested." The reason is that with a possible change in the Senate Majority, you might want to see which bills were priority bills for the current Senate Minority. By running a report type for Notice for Committee Consideration, you can see which bills were a priority for the minority party in the Senate.

Navigation Tab Improvement #3! We've added a new option under the new "Elections" tab, "County BOEs". This new page is a list of all the County Board of Elections with links to their websites. It's a handy resource when you need it.

Navigation Tab Improvement #2! "Track" tab options are now more descriptive of the functions of each tool in the drop-down. Ex. "Analyze Companions" now reads "Add Same As/Refiles". Note that you will need to refresh your browser in order to see the changes.

Navigation Tab Improvement! We've renamed the "Interim" tab to read "Elections." Under that tab, you'll find our Candidate Search as well as an informational page on the State Board of Elections and JCOPE. Note that the BOE / JCOPE page also has a search engine for candidate contributions. Also note that you'll need to refresh your browser in order to see the changes.

New Feature: Bills in the News on Index of Options Page! We're now tagging bills that we find mentioned in press releases, and displaying that information on a bill's Index of Options Page! Click here to view the Index of Options Page for SB 2412-D. Look for the "Bills in the News" link in the index of options.

New Feature: Bills in the News! We've added a "Bills in the News" feature to your E-Clips Media Search and Report tool. With one click, you can now view press releases that specifically mention bill numbers. Find the link under "Standard Issues" in E-Clips, as well as on the Bulletin Board under the Active List / Debate List table. Click here for a look at the "Bills in the News" feature.

Bulletin Board Improvement! - UPDATED We've cleaned up the Bulletin Board's look to make it easier to navigate, reducing the number of tables to two. Take note of the two three links under the Active List / Debate List table: "StateWatch Upgrades", "Member/LCA Downloads" and "Bills in the News". We've consolidated the updates on their own page (this one right here), moved the downloads to a better location, and added a link to the new "Bills in the News" feature.

Bill History Improvement! We've made it easier to follow Governor Action Due Dates when a bill is delivered to the Governor. Once we receive the due date from the Governor's office, we'll add it directly to the bill's history. If the bill is in your Email Alert Track, you'll automatically receive the update via email or text. Example: Click here to view SB 5890-B.

Mobile Site Upgrade! We've added the session status for each chamber underneath the chamber name. Now you can see which house is at ease or in recess even if you didn't check your alerts!

Mobile Site Upgrade! The "Blue T" that signifies tracked legislation will now appear on the Debate List, the Active List and each chamber's Rules Reports!

Mobile Site Upgrade! We've reformatted the Active List, Debate List, and Rules Reports display to a format that is both easier to read and to use!

StateWatch Upgrades for 2018!

Mobile Site Upgrade! We've added "Press Releases", "Testimony", and "Policy/Reports" to your mobile site's Main Menu! Now it's easier than ever to get that document we sent out via alert!

Today in the News Headlines! Now that all StateWatch accounts have access to the E-Clips Media Search and Report tool, it's easier to review a list of today's headlines. Simply go to the Media tab, and select "Today in the News"! Click here for a sample... FYI - You might need to refresh your browser in order to view the new option.

Add Bills to Your Tracks directly from the Advanced Search! You can now use the check boxes next to bill numbers in your Advanced Search results to load bills directly to a track! Get your results, add them to your tracks!

Sponsor's Party Affiliation now listed on Index of Options Pages! For even easier reference, we've added the sponsor's party affiliation to the Index of Options Page. We've also added the party affiliation to the Same As sponsor's name for a quick look if the bill has majority sponsorship in both chambers!

Votes in Committee Totals and Details! On the Committee Resource Page (click here to view Assembly Health...), you'll notice that we've added individual member vote totals and details for all votes in Committee. Now you can see just how often members deviate from "Yes" and use that info to your advantage!

Basic Tracking Report now available in Multiple Outputs! You can now choose between Standard, Word, CSV, or XML outputs in your Basic Tracking Report. This enables you to make use of your tracking data in a format that matches your organization's "look".

Web Feed Tracks now available in XML! If you are a web feed track subscriber, we can now send your automated web feed via XML. This enables you to match your automated web feeds with your website's aesthetic.

Floor Debate Video Links are in Bill Histories! Check out a debated bill from the second part of this year's session. Here's an example... Now click on the Video Icon in the bill's history!

Bill Histories are now easier to view! We've shaded alternate lines in bill histories so that it is easier to correlate with the action date, and the action statistics.

Track Listing on Text Search Results! You can now easily see which tracks a bill is in when using the text search. We display the tracks right in the results list.

Our E-Clips Media Search and Report Tool is now part of your StateWatch account! Click here to read more on E-Clips, or go to the Media Tab, and select "E-Clips" to dig right in...

We've made your mobile site easier to use! See full member lists for each chamber and committees with photos and contact info ready for one-tap access! And it's all accessible from the new menu of options. If you don't see the new menu of options when you log in, click the browser's refresh button. Here's the mobile site to use on your phone:

Oh, and if you want to learn how to turn your mobile site into an app on your phone for one-tap access, send Mike an email at or give us a call at 518-449-7425. It's easy and you don't even have to visit an app store...

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